Testing Dates 2020

    Thursday January 9; Thursday Feb 13; Thursday March 12; and Thursday April 9

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    What Is It?
    The New Jersey Science League was begun in 1962, by a professor from FDU, originally as a Chemistry competition.   Open to all public and private schools in the state, NJSL today provides a friendly forum in which science students can meet and compete for statewide recognition in a variety of science topics.  The Point Pleasant Beach Science League Team has been participating for 16 years, and is coordinated and advised by Ms. Leslie Bridge.

    This year, students will be competing in a variety of topics: Bio I, Chem I, Physics as well as in second-year (AP) sciences Bio II, Chem II and Physics C.


    How it works: 130+ high schools from all over the state are registered to compete.  The schools are grouped into areas.  We are in Area 25 along with Manasquan, Jackson Liberty, Jackson Memorial, Lakewood and Pt. Pleasant Boro high schools.  Team scores are reported to a central office where teams as well as individual student scores can be ranked. Certificates and plaques are awarded after the last of four competitions every year.

    2019 Team Rankings:

     subject area
     Area 25
     number of competing
    schools in state
     Biology I
     1st  61  123
     Biology II (AP)  1st  56  114
     Chemistry I  2nd  61  127
     Chemistry II (AP)  2nd  74  116
     HS Physics  2nd  37  86
     Physics C (AP)  1st  44  69
    What the Test is About: Each discipline has a slightly different test. For instance, calculators are encouraged for the Chemistry and Physics tests because they emphasize mathematical problems and formulas. All tests are in multiple choice format and are scored on-site.
    Test topics vary from month-to-month. Students have 50 minutes to complete the test.

    How We Get the Teams: Each school can compete with a team of four students per subject area.  For their participation, and for putting in the extra time after school, these students are rewarded with extra credit points in their classes. For the most part, students can be nominated by their teachers.  This is a mandatory part of the Gifted and Talented Program, however interested non-G&T students can participate upon request, provided there are openings.