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Point Pleasant Beach High School

The Few, The Proud, The Beach

A Fond Farewell


For many years now, Point Pleasant Beach High School has been my “home away from home.”  Greeting students each morning, exchanging pleasantries with them, celebrating their accomplishments, helping them problem solve - all of these scenarios and oh-so-many more have comprised a “typical” day for me as principal of Point Pleasant Beach High School.   As of April 1st, however, my typical day is about to change. 


As I shared personally with all of my students, I am retiring from my position of principal of Point Pleasant Beach High School this year, with my official last day being March 31st.   What I don’t think they realize, however, is how much I will miss being their principal.  I’ve absolutely loved being part of their world here at the Beach.  I’ve loved their laughter, their energy, their ups, even their downs when I’ve been the one who’s helped them.  I’ve loved watching them grow into the amazing young men and women they’ve become under our collective watchful eyes.  Each of them harbors such amazing potential!  I’ve loved seeing them realize this potential over the years I’ve been here.


Retiring from my position of principal of Point Pleasant Beach High School is truly bittersweet.  Of course, I’m excited (and quite nervous!) to see what awaits me outside the walls of Point Pleasant Beach High School.  However, this is my 40th year working full time:  15 years outside of education and 25 years in education.  It’s time.  


Please know how much I have loved being a part of the Point Pleasant Beach School District and how grateful I am to have had this opportunity.   As an English teacher, as a supervisor, and now as a high school principal, I have loved every aspect of my career here.  I will miss my Beach “home” and my Beach family.  There truly is “no place like home,” especially when that home is the Beach.


Humbly and gratefully yours,


Terri M. King


Terri M. King, Principal  

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