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Point Pleasant Beach High School

The Few, The Proud, The Beach

To everyone, a heartfelt welcome!
Point Pleasant Beach High School is a very special place.   We are a school community of approximately 400 students and 35 faculty members.   The history of the Point Pleasant Beach School District is a long and pride-filled one for generations who were born and raised in "the Beach."  This pride is readily apparent in our current attendees and in our alumni who still consider themselves Garnet Gulls at heart! 
I have been in the district for more than 24 years, most recently as principal of Point Pleasant Beach High School.  Prior to that, I was an English teacher at both the elementary and high schools and then Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction.   No matter what the job, I found each to be challenging and rewarding.  In fact, my years here have been much more than simply my job.  Point Pleasant Beach High School is my career, my way of life, my passion.  I doubt that every principal can make that claim, but I do so readily because of the support and caring that our community has tirelessly shown for our high school students over the years. 
Our various organizations - the PTO, Music Parents Association, and the Boosters - are second to none.  They literally do everything they can for our students.  Our parents, too, are always supportive and play an active role in their child's education.  Additionally, in no other school will you find teachers as dedicated and talented as ours.  Simply put, they're the best!  All of these elements are crucial for the success of our students.  And successful they are, both in academics and in extracurriculars.  Our sports teams have enjoyed much success over the years, and our various clubs address the needs of just about every student.  
Education was my second career, having worked previously as a paralegal for many years.  How fortunate I am that this change in careers led me to Point Pleasant Beach High School, a truly special place.  Knowing "the Beach" as well as I do, I know full well why its slogan is "The Few . . . the Proud . . . the Beach."
Ms. Terri M. King, Principal
B.A., Georgian Court University
M.A.T., The College of New Jersey
M.A., New Jersey City University
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