• Point Pleasant Beach HS Key Club


    key club

    Advisor: Sra. Alexandra Bianchi
    President- Chloe Brenna

    Vice President- Connor Brenna

     Secretary- Elaine García

    Treasurer- Victoria Tager-Geffner

    Editor- Colin Nevil


    Division 8 Lt. Governor: Grace Pluemacher (Point Pleasant Beach High School)

    What is Key Club?
    Key Club is part of the Kiwanis International family. It is the largest and oldest service program for high school students. Key Club works to build leadership and character in high school students and teaches them to work together to serve the community. It is a student run organization with local officers who are elected by Key Club members within their schools and Board offices at District and International conventions.
    Each member must complete a minimum of 30 service hours by May 1st, 2020 in order to be recognized at the awards ceremony in June. In order to be considered an active member of the Point Pleasant Beach HS Key Club, students need to complete their service hours before rejoining in September. Any student who does not meet this requirement will be placed on probation and not allowed to join in September unless the hours are completed.

    Membership Requirements and Fees

    $17.00 Dues

    3-5 hours of community service each month

    Attend at least one meeting per month
    Attend at least 1 event per month

    Key Club Goal

    To develop competent, capable, and caring leaders through the vehicle of service.


    Key Club Motto

     Caring- Our way of Life.


    Objectives of Key Club

    -To develop initiative and leadership

    -To provide experience in living and working together.

    -To serve the school and the community.

    -To cooperate with the school principal.

    -To prepare for useful citizenship.


    Outline of Activities

    -Breast Cancer Walk

    -Loose Change Walk for children with cancer

    -Autism Walk

    -Gift Auction with Kiwanis of Brick

    - Unicef

    -Egg Hunt

    -Christmas Gift Tree

    -Key Club Day

    -Book Drive

    -St. Gregory’s/St.Raphael's Pantry

    -Clothing Drive