Aloha! My name is Mrs. Kaci Sublette-Marks and I teach English III, English IV, and AP Psychology this 2019-2020 school year. Please view my class webpages for specific class-related information. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. If I do not return your email within 2 school days, it may be due to a technical issue or I am out for an emergency. In that case, please reach out to the Guidance office for further assistance. 

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    1. What does "Incomplete" mean in Genesis? Either your student was absent when an assignment was due and must turn it in for grading when they return to school, or your student has extended time to turn in an assignment. See if there are any comments left by me for more information. Once your student turns in the assignment, I will try my best to update their grade within 2 school days (allow more time for long paper assignments).

    2. What does "Missing" mean in Genesis? Your student did not turn in the assignment. Please check any comments left by me for more information. Missing assignments can no longer be made as your student has missed the original deadline and the extended deadline.

    3. Where can I check to see if my student has any homework or upcoming assessments? I mainly post those in the Google Classroom and Google Calendar. You can check the Google Calendar for upcoming assignments/assessments on the classroom webpage here on this website, or you can also login to the Google Classroom with your student's assistance.

    4. What kind of extra credit is offered? Every marking period I will offer ALL students an optional extra credit assignment. That will be the only extra credit offered. Please encourage your student to take advantage of the opportunity and see me for any questions or assistance.

    5. Where can I see teacher feedback to my student? I typically leave feedback to students via Google Classroom and on their assignments. There will be a few times when I will meet with your student to provide feedback to them in person via a student conference. Additionally, I may also leave feedback in Genesis. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    6. What is an "Understanding Check"? An "Understanding Check" is a formative assessment. Think of it like a short quiz. It is an assessment to ensure they are on track towards their mastery of the content and skills in class.

    7. What is a "Major Assessment"? A "Major Assessment" is a summative assessment. They can be tests, projects, or papers. They are the core assessments for our course and lessons are developed using backwards-design to help students achieve success on these core assessments. They are correlated to state standards and learning goals for our course. Performance on major assessments will demonstrate student progress towards achieving mastery for our course. 

    8. Where can I find your policies and procedures? Each course page on this teacher webpage has a link to the syllabus. In the syllabus, you will find my policies, procedures, needed class supplies, etc. Feel free to ask your student as well.

    9. Do you use weighted categories in the gradebook? English III and English IV do NOT use weighted categories. Grades are calculated using points. Categories in each of my English classes are used for organizational purposes only. However, AP Psychology DOES use weighted categories. Please see the syllabus for AP Psychology for more information about the categories.

    10. Is there a state test for your English III? Not anymore. Lucky ducks =)

     Reading is MAGIC






    2019-2020 Fun Reading List Tracker (What I've read this school year...)

    1. "Two Can Keep a Secret" by Karen McManus

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    3. TBA

    4. TBA

    5. TBA

    6. TBA

    7. TBA

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    9. TBA

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