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Point Pleasant Beach High School

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Class of 2019
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      To receive messages concerning the Class of 2019 activities through to the end of Senior year, both parents and students please sign up for "RemindMe" messages, by texting:  @drdipas  to:  81010
    I just received a notice about a recall of a particular product that was sold during our cookie dough sale.  It is called "Dip Trio Mix".  Please read the letters below to receive either a refund or product exchange.


      We will be having 3 individual fundraisers (one this year, one in junior year, and 1 in senior year).  The rest of the fundraising goes into our general account.  Senior year is a special year, and the things we will be able to do that year and the cost associated with these activities depend upon our success with our fundraising.  Senior year activities include the 100 days dinner-event, the prom, the yearbook dinner, the senior class trip and Project Graduation.  They help to keep down the cost of the prom bids and costs for the senior class trip.  For example, the cost of transportation to the senior class trip is approximately $4000.00.  General fundraising can cover this one expense.  If the money is not available from the funds generated through our general fundraising, it would need to be added to the individual student cost for the trip.  We can have a great yearbook dinner on a dinner cruise or at a catering facility paid with the funds from general fundraising, or without the funds have a parent donated dinner in our school cafeteria.  Our project graduation can be made to be exceptional through our general fundraising, or it can be very simple without it.  Lets work together to give the GREAT Class of 2019 an awesome senior year!  We can make this happen if we all participate in all fundraising activities. 
Thank you all so much!


Dr. Paul DiPasquale

PPBHS Class of 2019 Adviser

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