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    Welcome to the instrumental music program at Antrim!!
    Third through eighth grade students involved in the instrumental music program at Antrim will be taught the skills needed to perform a diverse selection of music appropriate for elementary & middle school bands. At Antrim, students will develop an appreciation of many different genres of music and truly tap into the emotional evokement of music. Students will be encouraged to meet the challenges of learning to read music and play an instrument(s) and will display their accomplishments in the concerts and performances we present throughout the school year. High standards will be set for our band students and they will be expected to give their best efforts as they strive to achieve them. Every student in the band plays a unique part and together we are a team! 
    To contact me:
           email:  kreitzk@ptbeach.com
           phone:   732-899-3737
    Assignments/Band Info may be found at:   classroom.google.com