Environmental Science Club
    The Environmental Science Club is open to students in 3rd through 5th grades.  Past members in the middle school may also join, and serve as assistants to Ms. Ehrgood.  We will meet on Thursdays, after school, in room #17.  Activities will include schoolyard exploration, gardening, games about wildlife and habitat, crafts, and field trips.  Please be sure that members in 3rd and 4th grades follow the procedure for dismissal to specific adults, as this will apply at the end of the club time.  Students must have permission slips to Ms. Ehrgood for the first meeting.

    Students will learn about and serve as stewards  for the environment, investigate other living creatures and ecosystems, through hands on activities, games and videos. Parent volunteers are welcome, especially when we have walking trips through town.
    Ms. Ehrgood serves as the advisor, you may visit ehrgoodd@ptbeach.com to contact her.