• District Child Study Team

    The Point Pleasant Beach School District’s Child Study Team (CST) is responsible for the evaluation and classification of students with disabilities in accordance with IDEA and New Jersey Administrative Code Title 6A:14. *  Additionally, the CST develops individualized educational programs (IEPs), provides case management services, and makes recommendations for related services such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, and assistive technology for students as indicated in their IEPs. 

    To this end the Point Pleasant Beach School District employs two school psychologists, one learning consultant (LDT/C), one school social worker, two speech / language therapists, one occupational therapist, and one physical therapist.  The CST also provides services for Bay Head and Lavallette Elementary Schools.

    * Disabilities defined in NJAC 6A:14-3.5 (c) 1-14.

    Auditorily Impaired


    Cognitively Impaired

    Communication Impaired

    Deaf / Blindness

    Emotionally Disturbed

    Multiply Disabled

    Orthopedically Impaired

    Other Health Impaired

    Preschool Child with a Disability

    Social Maladjustment

    Specific Learning Disability

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    Visually Impaired
    If you need to contact a member of the Child Study Team: 

    Patricia Cartwright MSW, CSW 

    Supervisor of Special Education 

    Email address: CartwrightP@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 4003 

    Deborah Vigneri- School Psychologist 

    Email address: VigneriD@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 4005

    Mary Ellen Beaton - Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant

     Email address: BeatonM@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 2002

    Sarah Ellis- School Social Worker 

    Email address: EllisS@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 4001

    Cherie Spanier, Psy. D.- School Psychologist 

    Email address: SpanieC@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 4004


    Maureen DeJacimo - Occupational Therapist 

    Email address: DeJacimoM@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 2008

    Barbara Favretto- Speech/Language Therapist 

    Email address: FavrettoB@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 2008

    Audrey Arzt - Physical Therapist 

    Email address: ArztA@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 4008

    Andrea Schnyderite- Speech/Language Therapist 

    Email address: SchnyderiteA@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 2044

    Cindy Trabattoni- Administrative Assistant 

    Email address: Trabattonic@ptbeach.com

    (732) 899-1239 Ext 4000