• Sports Handbook



    Admission Prices
    Spectators ar charged to attend Home Varsity Football games in the Fall and Home Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball games and Varsity Wrestling matches in the winter. Students are free with PPHS , Bay Head Elem, Lavallette Elem and Antrim ID. Price of Admission for home contests is $3.00 for Adults,  $2.00 for Seniors,  and $2.00 for students with No ID.  This is the general charge for away contests however, it is up to the individual school to set prices of events. State tournament prices vary and are generally higher then those stated above.  
    Athletic Awards
    Varsity: 1st-year Award: 7" Chenille Letter with gold sport
    insert and Varsity Certificate.
    2nd-year Award: Varsity Certificate and gold bar.

    Junior Varsity: Award: 6" Chenille Letter with gold sport

    The Garnet Gull Booster Asssociation Invites every Varsity and Jurnior Varsity Athlete to a culminating seasonal banquet. The Boosters also provide  trophies for each athletic team at all of the Varsity Banquets. The Garent Gull Boosters also present each Varsity member of Championship teams with an award jacket.
    Attendance Eligibility
    In order for a student to participate in a scheduled athletic event, practice or school function, he/she must be in school on the day of the event, or the last day of school prior to a Saturday event. Students suspended from school are ineligible to practice or play in games on these days. Excuse from a doctor or prior written approval from the High School Administration are the only valid excuses.


    Athletic Insurance
    The Board of Education has purchased an accident insurance policy covering all students for injuries incurred during school sponsored and supervised interscholastic sports activities. This insurance is an "excess coverage" policy, i.e., it will pay someone expenses not covered by any other medical insurance you have. Thus, bills must be submitted to the parent"s insurance company first and to the school insurance second. 


    Athletic Trainer
    The Board of Education provides the services of a fully certified Athletic Trainer to be available during games and most practices. The Athletic Trainer is available to athletes from all of our teams.


    Athletic Physicals

    School district in the state of New Jersey were recently informed that the current procedure of giving school athletic physicals has changed. N.J.A.C. 6A:16 states, "students medical examinations must be conducted at the "medical home" of the student and a full report must be sent to the school. If a student does not have a medical home, the school physician is required to provide this examination at his/her office or other appropriately equipped facility." A "medical home" is defined in the law as a health care provider and that provider"s practice site chosen by the pupil"s parent or legal guardian.

    What does this mean to the Point Pleasant Beach School District and parents of athletes? Parents are to take their son/daughter to their family physician, physican of their choice or a nurse practitioner to have a physical examination completed. Parents will complete Form A and the physican will complete Form B.

    If the student does not have a medical home, they will be able to receive a physical form the school physican. The parents and/or guardian will be required to fill out Form D that states that a physican from the "medical home" was unable to be secured.


    A directory of travel directions to all schools that Point Pleasant Beach participates against is available online to all parents and fans. Please stop by the athletic office or pick one up at a Garnet Gull Booster Association meeting and all home Football games. Directions may also be found on NJSIAA.org.

    The NJSIAA Constitution outlines all the details concerning eligibility for participation in athletics. A general outline of those details is provided below:

    AGE - An athlete becomes ineligible of high school athletics if he/she reaches the age 19 prior to September 1. Any athlete reaching 19 on or after September 1 shall be eligible for that entire school year.


    1. To be eligible for athletic competition during the first semester (September 1 to January 31 ) of the 10th grade or higher, or the second year of attendance in the secondary school or beyond, a pupil must have passed 25% of the credits (30.0) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (110), during the immediately preceding academic year.
    2. To be eligible for athletic competition during the second semester (February 1 to June 30 ) of the 9th grade or higher, a pupil must have passed the equivalent of 12.5% of the credits (15.0) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (110) at the close of the preceding semester (January 31). Full-year courses shall be equated as one-half of the total credits to be gained for the full year to determine credits passed during the immediately preceding semester.

    SEMESTERS OF ELIGIBILITY - Starting with the 9th grade, a student shall have four consecutive years of eligibility. No student shall be eligible for high school athletics after the end of eight consecutive semesters following his/her entrance into 9th grade.

    The equipment issued by the school is owned by the school and becomes the responsibility of the athlete during the season. Special care must be taken to lock all equipment in the locker/team room after practices and games. At the conclusion of the season all equipment and uniforms must be returned to the coaching staff. Any missing uniforms or equipment will be handled as a financial obligation and diplomas and/or report cards and/or will not be given out until the uniforms are returned or the fine has been paid.

    Game Disqualification-NJSIAA Rules
    An athlete who displays unsportsmanlike flagrant misconduct, physical or verbal, will be disqualified by the NJSIAA from the next two regularly scheduled games/meets, with the exception of Football which will carry a one-game disqualification. Disqualification is a judgment call by the official. The decision is final and may not be appealed. A disqualified player may not be present at any contest in that sport during the period of the disqualification (not to be present in the locker room, on the bus, on the sidelines or in the stands/bleachers before, during or after the game). Any player disqualified a second time during a 365 day period from the first disqualification will have the penalty doubled. In addition to NJSIAA penalties there may be additional disciplinary actin taken by the school. At Point Pleasant Beach High School poor Sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

    NCAA Clearinghouse
    The National Collegiate Athletic Association has established minimum standards of acceptance for Scholarship Athletes at Division 1 and 2 schools. Student Athletes recruited at this level of Collegiate sports are required to register with the Clearinghouse and must meet the Academic Standards set by the NCAA. For more detailed information about the NCAA clearinghouse contact Bob Grace at the High School Main Office.

    Participation Limitations-NJSIAA Rules
    The NJSIAA Constitution, Bylaws and Regulations has defined the twelve-month sequence of participation in the following manner:

    (A) In-Season (B) Out-of-Season (C) Summer Recess

    (A) In-Season
    Athletes are able to participate on their desired sport team within the following datelines:

    Fall.........................September 1 to November 30
    Winter....................November 29 to March 31
    Spring....................March 8 to June 30

    (B) Out-of -Season
    During this period athletes may not be involved in intramural in which they have attained team status. Non-school sponsored open gym and recreation participation are permitted for players as long as their coaches are not present. Non-school camp/clinic participation is permitted for players provided their coaches are not involved. Athletes may be involved with a non-school team with the approval of their school.

    (C) Summer Recess
    Practice sessions during the summer recess period may be conducted by schools. Athletes are permitted to participate in any school sponsored practices. During the summer recess period, an athlete may not be sponsored or supported by a school related group (Booster Club) when team-interscholastic or individual competition takes place as part of the activity in camps, clinics or recreation programs.

    Before a student participates in a Out-of-Season athletic program it would e wise to consult with the Athletic Supervisor to be sure that there is no rule violation that could cause a student to forfeit eligibility.

    Practice Times
    There are practices sessions scheduled every day after school beginning at 3:30 PM. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thurdsays. Monday and Friday coaches can begin earlier due to no after school help. The length of the practice us up to the discretion of the individual coaches. In most cases, practice will run for approximately 2 hours. Practice sessions may also be conducted on weekends.  A Lavallette bus is provided for the athletes with a pickup at the cul-de-sac at Antrim at 6:00pm and a pickup at the high school gym side at 6:10 pm.

    Sportsmanship is the ability to accept graciously, winning and losing. It is the knowledge that life is made up of both successes and failures and that we must be able to deal with both. Sportsmanship is that attitude which projects the opponent as an equal, not an enemy. Your rival is worthy of your respect and admiration.
    Sportsmanship is the ability to recognize the talents and abilities of others, even when it means accepting the fact that someone else is more proficient that ourselves. Sportsmanship is the courage it takes to play the game within the rules. It is the ability to accept the decision of the officials and the coach without demonstrating inappropriate behavior. Sportsmanship allows the individual to be able to offer his/her hand in victory in order to console the opponent and to offer his/her hand in defeat in order to congratulate the opponent. Take your responsibility to be a good sport in a ver serious manner.

    Transportation to and from all away contest is provided. Students must ride the bus/van provided for all away contest unless prior authorization has been obtained.
    Parents must make advance request in writing for the release of their children. this note must be received by the Athletic Supervisor one day prior to the rip whenever possible. Parents may only transport their own children.

    We discourage the practice of player traveling to or from games with their parents. We believe that the Team should travel as a Team and that at times coaching situation may arise during these trips. Parents should only pick up their students with good reason.

    Transfer Eligibility- NJSIAA Rules
    A student who transfers from one secondary to another because of a bona-fide change of residence by his/her parent/guardian becomes eligible to represent his/her new school immediately upon entrance (unless recruitment or transfer for athletic advantage is proven) and provided all other eligibility regulations are satisfied.
    A student transferring from one secondary school to another, without a change of residence by that student"s parent/guardian, shall be ineligible to participate for thirty (365) calendar days from the start of the present school"s regular scheduled for that sport, if that student has participated in that sport at any level at the pervious school.
    A student who has not earned a varsity letter in a sport as his/her previous school shall be eligible to participate immediately at any level in the sport at the new school. To prevent possible recruitment or transfer for athletic advantage, a TRANSFER WAIVER FORM must be executed by the two schools involved and filed with the NJSIAA.

    Withdrawal From NJSIAA Tournaments
    Any member school and/or student athlete withdrawing from competition after haveing oficially entered an NJSIAA tournament in any sport will be disqualified form all remaining NJSIAA tournament competition in that sport in that season and barred form participation in NJSIAA tournament competition in that sport during the next school year unless truly extraordinary circumstances were present.