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    Gifted and Talented Programming



    Policies and Procedures used for Identification of Students

    Antrim Elementary uses teacher recommendation along with a multiple measure matrix to determine which services are best suited for students within the framework of the Gifted and Talented/Enrichment Program. Parents/guardians are notified of their student’s eligibility and parent permission is required prior to starting the program.

    Teacher recommendations are submitted each spring. Parent notification takes place during the summer months, prior to the start of the school year. There is rolling enrollment if a student is found eligible during the school year. Entry into the B.E.A.C.H program is reviewed annually, students must meet the identified criteria each year. Prior participation does not guarantee placement in the program the following year.


    Continuum of Services

    The B.E.A.C.H Program is designed to enhance and maximize student potential in a broad arrangement of subject areas and interests. The B.E.A.C.H Program creates a learning community of multi-age interest groups where participating students can develop meaningful, enrichment experiences on topics using resources that focus on their strengths beyond the curriculum. The B.E.A.C.H Program uses a hybrid approach of tailoring to students' needs through a series of push-in and pull-out settings during the school day.


    The B.E.A.C.H Program was developed to meet the needs of all students within the school. It is designed to enhance special talents within all of our students. Classroom teachers differentiate in their classrooms and offer a wide variety of ways to reach each student.


    In addition, the program encompasses the needs of those who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability in one or more content areas when compared to their chronological peers. These students require modifications to their education program in order to continue to achieve. Students are provided the opportunity to participate in a Gifted and Talented class or receive the support of the Gifted and Talented teacher.


    The B.E.A.C.H Program also provides opportunities for participation in special programs such as Drama Club, Art Club, Academic Bowl, Band, and Chorus. The B.E.A.C.H Program uses an interdisciplinary approach, STEAM projects are incorporated as well as thematic projects with goals that foster the discovery of students' unique gifts, talents, and interests.



    The multiple measure matrix consists of the following pieces of information:

    • Grade level benchmark (ex- AIMSweb or Achieve3000)
    • State Testing (where applicable)
    • Report Card Grades
    • Teacher Recommendation
    • Parent Permission


    If you have any questions regarding the B.E.A.C.H Program please contact 732-899-8840