• Kindergarten

    1.  Kindergarten Week 6

     2.  "Butterfly" Movement Activity (need a scarf, tissue, papertowel, etc.). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TuwkGfqne5maufE9P70lzfzodGViinsz/view. (copy & paste)


    1st Grade

     1. Please review the following video and come up with 'new things about your porridge"  

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jaztCHUAyqOg_vZhHCHNwOiiXY98UkWi/view. (copy & paste)


    2.  Please fill out/complete the worksheet, take a picture of the completed work, and email to mclaughline@ptbeach.com 

    Direction Video (for ditto below) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/13_KhfTU6LGsJ_LcVjx7gKrCuPaNRpnoA/view. (copy and paste)

    Bow Wow Wow Ditto (please hand in, if possible)


    3. Listen to the last part's of "Peter and the Wolf".   Pick a character to act out!

    Peter 9

    Peter 10 (Finale)



    2nd Grade

     1.  Please review the following video.  You should be singing along with "I Lost the Farmer's Dairy Key" and try your best to do to some scatting!


     2.  Use the following link to review our new note "re".   

    https://kahoot.it/challenge/09691068?challenge-id=b7e08d76-b0fa-49fe-b14e-991f6583c442_1587911309961 (copy & paste)

    3.  Please go through "Chatter with the Angels" and make sure you are singing the song and performing the motions!  More to come next week!

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/11NqG40coVhm5IM6eIfR_gxcyNM9uVT53/view.  (copy & paste)

    4.  Scatting Fun!  Listen to this recording of the "Flintstones" theme song played by a jazz combo.  Towards the end you will hear some cool scatting before they sing the words to the song.  The Flintstones (Jazz Version)


    3rd Grade

    We are now on Google Classroom:

    3E Classroom Code: 3tfv3b4

    3M Classroom Code: idtxwim