• Kindergarten

    1.  Practice High/Low sounds using letters, pipe cleaners, rollercoaster, bean bag, etc.

    2.  Practice tapping the steady beat in various parts of your body, as well as walk to the beat of the following song. Jig Medley

    3.  Practice saying and tapping the 'words' on your fruit rhythm papers.  Remember apple and orange have 2 sounds/2 claps.

    4.  Move and follow directions to the following song: Highway No 1



    1st & 2nd Grade

    1. Pick a 4-beat pattern below and play it as an ostinato (repeating pattern) with a song of your choice.  Try at least 4 different patterns.


                                1st Grade                                                                  2nd Grade


    See the source imageSee the source image


    2.  Pick 2 songs from class to sing for your parents (clap the rhythm one time and the beat another)

    3.  1st Grade: Peter & the Wolf (Listen to the following tracks from the story and pick a character to act out)

    Peter Part 2

    Peter Part 3

    Peter Part 4

     4.  2nd Grade ONLY:  New note 're'. Go through the following presentation!

    Re Presentation


    3rd Grade

    1.  sphinxkids.org.  Check out the instruments in the brass family.

    2.  Practice your absolute pitch names here : https://freddiethefrog.com/games/Note_Name_Game/index.php

    3.  Continue your practice here: https://www.classicsforkids.com/games/note_names.php



    4th Grade

    1.  Perform the following chant with 1) words 2) rhythm syllables 3) clapping rhtyhming 4) playing rhtyhm on table or furniture

    2.  Create a one measure text ostinato to go along with the below chant.  For example... "Hun-gry, Hun-gry, Cro-co-dile, Eat!"



    3.  Use the Laban Efforts below to create a movement sentence of 4 movements.  Perform it with a song of your choice.

    5th Grade 

    1.  www.musictheory.net.  Exercises.  Interval Identification.  Do 30 questions.

    2.  Watch a scene from The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky on youtube.com 

    3.  Create a 4 number combination ___ ___ ___ ___ from the below examples.  Practice them in order, then select a piece of music of your choosing to play your combination along with.


    4.  www.musictheory.net.  Exercises.  Interval Ear Training.  Do 50 questions.

    Remember: 1st - Same note. 2nd - Happy Birthday.  3rd- When the Saints Go Marching In  4th - Here Comes the Bride.  5th - Twinkle or ABC.  6th - NBC Theme or Here Comes Santa Claus 7th - 'vomit'. 8th - Over the Rainbow


    5.  Review the following:  Look up a recording of I's the B'y on youtube and perform a compound meter ostinato along with it.