• In the Fall of the school year, Pt Beach students enrolled in Italian 2, 3 4 may register for 4 credits from Rutgers University. These credits are transferable to most other universities; the student does not need to attend Rutgers.  When enrolled in a university, students must contact the registrar's office at Rutgers to have the credits transferred.


    You will receive both high school credit for these courses as well as 4 university credits from Rutgers.


    Course names

    Begining Italian Two (IT102) = H.S. Italian 2

    Intermediate Italian One (IT131) = H.S. Italian 3

    Intermediate Italian Two (IT 132) = H.S. AP Italian 4



    approximately $1200 (discounted from cost of students attending Rutgers)


    Rutgers will bill the student directly for the course in December or January. This bill will include instructions for payment of tuition and fees, which will be due in mid-January. Once registered for the course, no refunds will be provided. Questions about payment may be directed to Kimyada O’Neal, Student Accounting Manager, at 848-932-2508