AP Psychology

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    Marking Period 1 Overview:

    Unit 1 - History & Approaches (Unit Test)

    Unit 2 - Research Methods & Statistics (Unit Test, M&M Lab)

    Unit 3 - Biological Bases (Unit Test, Zombie Brain Project, Swim Cap Lab)

    Summative Test Units 1-3

    Unit 4 - Sensation & Perception (Unit Test, Taster Lab)

    Unit 5 - States of Consciousness (Unit Test)

    Marking Period 2 Overview:

    Unit 6 - Learning (Unit Test)

    Unit 7 - Cognition (Unit Test)

    Summative Test Unit 4-7

    Unit 8 - Motivation, Emotion, & Stress (Unit Test)

    Unit 9 - Developmental Psychology (Unit Test)

    *Midterm Exam - Units 1-9

    Marking Period 3 Overview:

    Unit 10 - Personality (Unit Test, Personality Test Lab)

    Unit 11 - Intelligence & Testing (Unit Test)

    Summative Test Unit 8-11

    Unit 12 - Abnormal Behavior (Unit Test combined with Unit 13)

    Unit 13 - Treatment of Abnormal Behavior (Unit Test combined with Unit 12)

    Unit 14 - Social Psychology (Unit Test)

    Summative Test Unit 12-14

    AP Exam Review - Test strategies, possible content, exam format and procedures, Quizlet reviews (vocabulary), and statistics review

    Marking Period 4 Overview:

    AP Exam Review - GimKit and Quizlet content reviews, FRQ reviews, mock exams in class and after school

    AP Exam - May 11th

    "Inside Out" Memory Island Project

    Psychological Experiment or Concept Application Video Project

    Important Files:

    Google Classroom Code: 26xxazs