English III: British Literature

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     Marking Period 1 Overview:

    A. Argumentative Writing & Ethos, Pathos, Logos

    B. Argument Essay 

    C. "Beowulf" Epic Poem Study [with film afterwards]; Key Scene Collage Project

    Marking Period 2 Overview:

    A. "Macbeth" Play Study [with film afterwards]; Video Project

    B. Gothic Genre Evaluation: "Frankenstein" Novel Study with "Edward Scissorhands" Film Comparison; Theme Board Project

    *MIDTERM - Independent Reading Project

    Marking Period 3 Overview:

    A. (continued from MP2...) Gothic Genre Evaluation: "Frankenstein" Novel Study with "Edward Scissorhands" Film Comparison

    B. Dystopian Genre Evaluation: "1984" Novel Study with "Fahrenheit 451" Film Comparison; Theme Board Project

    Marking Period 4 Overview:

    A. Gothic Genre vs. Dystopian Genre Mind Map Project

    B. Research Paper - Compare/contrast one villain/monster from our literature to a real-world villain/monster

    *FINAL - Independent Reading Project

    Important Files:

    Google Classroom Codes:

    Period A1: hmdy4iz

    Period B1: h65qol7

    Period B2: 6zfwhkh