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    Point Pleasant Beach High School
    Scheduling and Graduation Requirements
    Point Pleasant Beach High School has a curriculum for every student enrolled. No matter what your interests, aptitudes,
    academic background or vocational objective, a program can be designed to fit your needs. It is the hope of the administration
    and faculty that each of you will work to the limit of your ability in order to gain maximum benefit from high school.
    In order to be graduated from Point Pleasant Beach High School, students must earn a minimum of 120 credits.
    The New Jersey unit for quantitative evaluation of instruction is the "Credit Point". One credit point is given for each period
    of a subject that meets each week for the entire year. This means that Algebra I, for instance, is worth five (5) credits,
    Biology which is one two (2) period lab each week is worth six (6) credit points.
    The State of New Jersey and/or the Board of Education require the successful completion of:
    1. 20 credits in language arts literacy aligned to grade nine through twelve standards,

    2. 15 credits in mathematics including Algebra 1 and Geometry and including a third year of mathematics that builds on
    the concepts and skills of algebra and geometry and that prepares pupils for college and 21st century careers

    3. 15 credits in social studies, including five credits of world history/cultures and ten credits United States history, and
    the integration of civics, economics, geography, and global content in all course offerings.

    4. 15 credits in science, including at least five credits in laboratory biology, chemistry andone additional laboratory/inquiry-based science

    5. 3.75 credits in health, safety, and physical education during each year of enrollment as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-5, 7
    and 8;

    6. 5 credits in visual and performing arts; 5 credits in career/practical arts.

    7. 5 credits in world languages or pupil demonstration of proficiency as set for in N.J.A.C. 6A:8-5.1(a)2ii(2);

    8. 2.5 credits in financial, economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy,

    9. Technological literacy, consistent with the Core Curriculum Content Standards, integrated throughout the curriculum;

    10. 5 credits in 21st century life and careers, or career –technical education; and

    11. Elective as determined by the high school program sufficient to total a minimum of 120 credits.

    The State of New Jersey requires a passing grade on the High School Proficiency Test by year of graduation.
    All students are required to carry each year, a minimum of seven (7) subjects (35 credits) including health and physical
    education. Quality rather than quantity is important, particularly to a college admissions officer or a prospective employer.
    Students who received less than a 75 average in sequential programs normally should not take the next course in sequence.
    Special permission to continue in a sequence, despite low grade, may be recommended by the Counselor and appropriate
    supervisor or subject teacher.
    Students are placed in homeroom by grade level. Following are the required credit points for each grade level;

    To Tenth Grade

    30 Credits

    To Eleventh Grade

    60 Credits

    To Twelfth Grade

    90 Credits