School Guide


    The counseling staff assists each student in making appropriate educational, vocational, and personal choices. The counselors are available to help you with decisions regarding your present and future plans. They are here to listen to how you feel and advise you should you encounter problems, whether academic, extracurricular, or personal. To set up an appointment with your counselor, go to the Counseling Center either before school, after school or during your lunch and complete a conference request form. Unless it is an emergency, no student will be able to meet with a counselor without first making an appointment. Once your appointment has been set up, you must secure written permission from the teacher whose class you would be missing. A teacher has the right to postpone your appointment if he/she feels you will be missing important information.

    An important decision you will make throughout high school is the selection of your high school courses. This Curriculum Book is designed to assist you in choosing those courses.

    Your guidance counselors are trained to help you make these decisions to best meet your present and future needs. In addition, parental approval is required before schedules are finalized.

    Your parents are invited to visit the Guidance Office and are encouraged to speak with your counselor or your teachers by appointment either during the school day or at other times by mutual agreement



    Four times during the school year, you will receive a Report Card which is an official record of your standing in the courses you have elected.

    In addition to report cards, progress reports are issued in the middle of each marking period. These reports are used to commend a student for outstanding person-advances or to call attention to failures and areas needing improvement.

    The importance of good grades need not be stressed, for every student should be aware that employers, military recruiters, and college admissions representatives request your high school marks to judge your potential and acceptability. All final grades are recorded in your permanent record which will be kept by the high school for future inquiries.





    Grades are numerical and indicate a degree of achievement as explained below:


    90 - 100 Excellent to Outstanding

    80 - 89 Good to Very Good

    70 - 79 Fair

    Below 70 Failing (No credit is given if the final grade in any subject below seventy)


    Generally speaking, colleges and universities do not consider grades below 80 as indicative of ability to do post-secondary work.



    Students will have 10 school days to drop/add a course without reason and without is showing on their transcript.

    Students withdrawing with academic reason up to 5 days after the first progress report is issued will receive a grade of a WP placed on the transcript if passing the course or a grade of a WF placed on the transcript if failing the course. In cases of extraordinary circumstances, an appeal for a later date can be made to the Principal in writing. The Principal's decision will be issued within five school days regarding this matter.

    A meeting with the parent/guardian may be requested to effectuate this change. The parent of a student seeking to withdraw from a course must submit the signed permission- form issued by the Guidance Office.





    Course grades are multiplied by the number of credits assigned to each course. The total number of points is added. This total is divided by the number of credits attempted. Summer School courses are not included in class rank. Students in the class are listed by average, highest to lowest.


    The following courses are weighted: All AP Courses, Physics, Pre-calculus, Italian IV and Spanish IV. For rank computations only, ten points would be added to a course final average.



    Students are placed on the Honor Roll at the end of each marking period if they meet the following criteria:

    lst Honor Roll   A student must:

    a. have a grade of 90% or more in each subject

    b. have a passing grade in physical education

    2nd Honor Roll   A student must:

    a. have a grade of 85% or more in each subject

                                             b. have a passing grade in physical education




    Membership in the National Honor Society is based upon evidence of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

     Please refer to the Nation Honor Society link posted on the Guidance website or visit this link



    Consult your student Code of Conduct Handbook for additional information that is pertinent to your success during your high school years or check out our code of conduct page.




    Point Pleasant Beach High School has a curriculum for every student enrolled. No matter what your  interests, aptitudes, academic background or vocational objective, a program can be designed to fit your needs. It is the hope of the administration and faculty that each of you works to the limit of your ability in order to gain maximum benefit from High School




    Students are permitted to attend summer school for courses failed during the regular school year. A student may make up a maximum of ten credits by attending an accredited summer school. In unusual circumstances, based on educational need, an exception, tutoring in lieu of summer school, may be granted by the principal. A student's prior effort in the courses and attendance will be considered in the principal's decision. All requests should be in writing stating the reason for the request.




    Point Pleasant Beach High School maintains a single curriculum plan. The only required courses are those required by New Jersey State Law and the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education. Thus the majority of courses should be chosen in terms of aptitude and vocational and educational plans. The list of subjects for each curriculum is included in this catalog. Where necessary, adjustments are made to fit the aptitudes and interests of each student .


    After July 1, changes in selected course programs are granted only for sound educational reasons.