• Google Classroom
    How to get started
    1. Go to classroom.google.com and click Sign In.

      Click Sign In

    2. Enter your Google Apps for Education username and click Next.

      Remember: Your Google Apps for Education username looks like name@ptbeach.com.

      Click Next

    3. Enter the password your administrator gave you and click Sign in.

      Click Sign in

    4. Read the welcome message and click Accept.

      Click Accept

    5. In the bottom-right corner, click Student.

      Click Student

     How to join a class
    1. Go to classroom.google.com.

    2. At the top, click Add Add.

      Tap Add

    3. Enter the class code and click Join.

      Enter the class code


          Google Classroom Codes

    Period B-            Italiano 3                vi1be8 

    Period C-            Italiano 1                kn1v1b2

    Period D-            Italiano 2                 z6mvwyy

    Period F-            Italiano 4                 yuchz4  

           Period G-          Italiano 2                 dy9jjts
             Period H-           Italiano 3                il29bh