• With the Summer of 2016 project to be moving to the Google Education platform, I thought I'd throw an area out here with some tips I find.



    Email - All email will be moved from Exchange to Gmail.   All of our email addresses will remain the same!  (lastname + first initial @ ptbeach.com)   Email that is in your folders now will be imported into the Gmail system.  Instead of going to exchange.ptbeach.com/owa for email, you will simply sign in to Google.com



    Google Drive will be available for storage of data files in the cloud.  You will have the ability to share these files, as you wish, to other staff and students.



    We will be using Google Apps, like Docs (Word/Pages)  Slides (Powerpoint/Keynote)  Sheets (Excel/Numbers)

    Documents in the prior formats should convert to the Google versions with little issues.


    General Tips

    Catch cheating with Revision History.  A large concern for teachers is cheating. However, Google has an answer for this.

    • In Docs, Slides, and Sheets, go to File then “See Revision History.”
    • In the bottom right, click “Show More Detailed Revisions.”
    • This feature will highlight and color code every revision made to a document by each user.

    This is a fantastic way to ensure students working in a group are all participating and that students are avoiding copying and pasting content from the Internet.