Nomi e aggettivi in -a


    1. You already know that nouns that end in –a are usually feminine and that the –a changes to –e in the plural. There are a few nouns ending in –a tht are masculine. Their plural ends in –i.


    Singolare                                                       Plurale

    il poeta                                                           i poeti

    il programma                                                 i programmi

    il panorama                                                   i panorami

    il papa                                                            i papi

    il problema                                                    i problemi

    il sistema                                                        i sistemi



    2. Nouns ending in –ista can be either mascuine or feminine, depending on whether they indicate a male or a female. The plural ends in –isti (m.) or –iste (f.).


    Singolare                                                       Plurale

    il turista                                                          i turisti

    la turista                                                         le turiste

    l’artista                                                           gli artisti/le artiste



    3. Adjectives ending in –ista, such as ottimista, femminista, and pessimista, follow the same pattern.


    Singolare                                                       Plurale

    il ragazzo ottimista                                        i ragazzi ottimisti

    il ragazza ottimista                                        le ragazze ottimiste