Chi means the one(s) who, he/she who, or those who. Chi can substitute for la persona che and le persone che, and for quello che and quelli che when they refer to people. Chi is always used with a singular verb. It is frequently used in proverbs and in making generalizations.


                Chi sta attento capisce.                     Those who pay attention understand.

                Che dorme non piglia pesci             One who sleep doesn’t catch any fish.

                                                                              (The early bird catches the worm)

                Non parlare con chi non                  Don’t talk to (those) people (whom)

                      conosci.                                             you don’t know




    Stefania: Che viene al balletto con me questa sera?

    Luigi: Chi non deve studiare!

    Stefania: Chi sarebbe questa persona?

    Luigi: Chi ha già dato tutti gli esame!

    Stefania: Ho capito viene paolo. Si è appena laureate!




    Stefania: Who’s coming to the ballet with me tonight?

    Luigi: The person who doesn’t have to study!

    Stefania: Who might this person be?

    Luigi: The one who already took all his exams!

    Stefania: I get it, Paolo is coming. He just graduated!