Naviance Student Website

    Naviance is our comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning and college preparation for students.
    Both students and parents have a log in with the parent's account being a 'read only' account.
    Each year Guidance goes into the classroom with different Naviance activities for each grade level.
    Naviance Progression
    8th Grade: Cluster Finder and Intro to Careers with Road Trip Nation. Results will aid in class and elective choices for high school
    9th Grade: Strengths Explorer, Intro to a Resume. Students will focus on what they are good at vs focus on their weaknesses. This will lead them to explore some career options based on their strengths.
    10th Grade: Career Interest Profiler, Resume Building, Revisit Road Trip Nation. More in depth career search based on Holland's codes. Holland codes are based on the idea that career satisfaction depends on compatibility between personality and work environment. Results will result in top career choices, amount of schooling required, wages, and job outlooks.
    11th Grade: Game Plan, College Search, Resume Building. Game plan allows students to think criticially about their post secondary plans. Students will utilize SuperMatch college search to add schools to their list of 'Colleges I'm Thinking About'
    12th Grade: College Application Process. Naviance essentially acts as an Application Manager for our students. Naviance eDocs is our tool in Guidance to submit supplemental documentation (transcripts and letters of rec) for students to each college they apply to.