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    Darlene Kuzloski

    (732) 899-3737 ext. 2104


    September  2018

    Dear Families and Students,

    W- When you

    E-Enter this

    L-Loving School

    C-Consider yourself

    O-One of the special

    M-Members of an

    E-Extraordinary family


    Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 school year! There are many exciting things we will learn and practice throughout the year! Get ready to be “Mindful” rather than           

    “Mind FULL”- take some deep breaths and calm your brain to help you learn and focus along the way. This program helps children to learn how their brain works and teaches self-regulatory strategies and skills developed for kindergarten through eighth grade students to cultivate well being and emotional balance.

    Kindergarten through sixth grade students will be taking some learning walks along our P.A.T.H.S program with stands for “Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies”.  This is our Social-Emotional Curriculum that will be incorporated into our school program.

    Sixth - eighth grade students will also have many programs incorporated into their school year including; Just Say Hello week, Respect week activities, Noone Eat Alone, Choices magazine articles, The Great Kindness Challenge and many more.

    Character counts here at Antrim Elementary school! Please do not forget to always show that you have excellent character to go along with our monthly character education themes.

    As always we will continue to be kind and respectful within G. Harold Antrim Elementary School and throughout our community. As your School Counselor I am here to help you!

    It is going to be a great year! Mrs. Kuzloski

    Name: Darlene Kuzloski
    Phone number: (732) 899-3737 ext. 2104

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