Pronomi Indefiniti


    As you know, pronouns take the place of nouns. Indefinite pronouns (i pronomi indefiniti) do not refer to a particular person or thing. For example: Someone turned off the lights. I hear something. I bought everything we need. Indefinite pronouns can also refer to a person or thing previously mentioned: All the apartments are furnished, and some (of the apartments) have balconies. In the following explanation, these two groups of pronouns are presented in two sections.


    1.     Here are some of the most commonly used pronomi indefiniti. They are invariable.

    tutto               everything

    qualcosa        something


    Ho portato tutto.                                           I brought everything.

    Il bambino ha mangiato qualcosa.                         The child ate something.


    2.     Here are the indefinite pronouns that refer to a person or thing previously mentioned. Note that their forms are identical to or resemble those of the indefinite adjectives you learned in Grammatica A in this chapter. All of them agree with the noun they replace, except for un po’, which Is invariable.

    AGGETIVI                                                      PRONOMI

                Ogni studente trasloca.                                Ognuno trasloca. (each one)

                Ogni casa ha tre camere.                              Ognuna ha tre camere. (each one)


          Qualche studente è straniero.                     Qualcuno è straniero. (each one)

          Qualche ragazza canta.                                Qualcuna canta. (each one)


          Tutti i ragazzi traslocano.                           Tutti traslocano. (all [of them])

          Tutte le camere sono piccole.                     Tutte sono piccole. (all [of them])


          Alcuni appartamenti sono liberi.               Alcuni sono liberi. (some, a few)

          Alcune camere sono grandi.                       Alcune sono grandi. (some, a few)


          Un po’ di zucchero va bene, grazie.          Un po’ va bene, grazie. (some, a little)