• chiedere (pp: chiesto)      to ask
    consigliare                       to recommend
    dare                                  to give
    dire (pp: detto)                  to say/tell
    domandare                        to ask
    insegnare                           to teach
    mandare                            to send
    mostrare                            to show
    offrire  (pp: offerto)          to offer
    portare                               to carry/bring
    preparare                           to prepare
    regalare                             to gift
    riportare                            to bring back
    rispondere (pp:risposto)    to rispond
    scrivere (pp: scritto)          to write
    telefonare                          to telephone*
    *Note: In English the verb to call, to telephone take a D.O. prounoun: 
    I'll call Maria tomorrow.  Call whom? Maria = D.O.
    BUT in Italian, telefonare takes an INDIRECT object pronoun:
    Telefono a Maria domani.
    Le telefono domani.