• UNICO Junior Chapter / Youth Group

    Chairperson: Ms. Marena Lobosco, Italian Teacher, Point Pleasant Beach High School; Italian Instructor, Accelerated Programs at Rutgers University and Ocean County College

    contact: loboscom@ptbeach.com      cell: 908-489-4749


    UNICO National is the largest Italian American service organization in the USA. It is a non-profit 501(c)3. Point Pleasant students are offered the opportunity to be a part of this non-profit organization. (Students do not need to be Italian American in order to participate.)


    Why become a member?

    1.    Serving on a non-profit service organization is great for college applications as well as job resumes.

    2.    All active Junior Chapter members are eligible for a scholarship when you are seniors in high school; scholarships are not based on academic success but on the service you provide to the community through the Junior Chapter.

    3.    The contacts you make in the organization and networking opportunities can only be beneficial as you enter the workforce.

    4.    Participation provides students the opportunity to give back to the community in an organization that will recognize their efforts nationally.

    5.    Opportunity to attend events and monthly dinners with the Point Pleasant Beach ‘adult’ chapter which will allow them to connect with members and the Italian American culture on a regular basis (there is no obligation to attend; all Italian family style dinners take place at Fire Fly at the White Sands and cost $28/person; parents may also attend as guests and/or become UNICO members).

    6. When you graduate, you will be offered FREE UNICO membership until you are 25years old (membership is otherwise $110/year).

    7. The Junior Chapter is able to have fun while giving back and making a worthy and worthwhile contribution to the community.


    Opportunities to provide service:

    1.    Raise money for the Joe Leone Earthquake Fund for Italy.

    2.    Fill and deliver Holiday Stockings to the residents at the Valentine House.
     3.  Clothing Plus Drive

    4.  Raise money and/or collect food and other needed items for Animal Shelters in our area such as: the Monmouth County SPCA, the Popcorn Park Zoo, and the local Point Pleasant Beach TNR program.

    5.   Participate in the National Community Service day.

    6.    Run our own fundraiser or event with backing from Chapter members.


    Italian-American parents are invited to become regular UNICO members (although this is NOT a requirement for students to become Junior members). Membership is $85.


    To maintain member status, one must:
    1. Participate in at least 3 service opportunities.
    2. Attend one cultural event, such as the Heritage Night, the Columbus Day Parade, or the Xmas dinner party.
    2. Attend at least 5 monthly meetings.

    For more information and/or if you would like to participate, please contact

    Ms. Marena Lobosco as soon as possible: loboscom@ptbeach.com