• Italiano 1 at Point Beach High School is also a college-level course.
    It is equivalent to Elementary Italian 1 at Ocean County College.
    If you have completed your sophmore year, you are eligible to receive 3 college credits for this course.
    Please let me know and I will give you the proper paperwork to assist you in registering for this course at Ocean County College at a discounted rate through Pt Beach's special program. I will give you the 'green form' to fill out in October.
    UNICO - All Italian students also have the opportunity to be a Junior Chapter member of UNICO, the largest Italian American organization in the nation. This organization gives out scholarships to all junior chapter members who participate in their service/giving events. Professoressa Lobosco is the Chairperson of the Junior Chapter and invites all Italian students (regardless of whether or not they are Italian American) to participate. Please see Prof Lobosco if you are interested.