• Italiano

    Professoressa Lobosco





    You may call me “Prof” or “Professoressa”.


    Italian is offered as a college-level class that also count towards your High School language requirement. If you are not a serious student, you should not be in this class. The coursework is the same whether or not you sign up for college credit.


    College Credit for Italian:

    If you are a Junior or Senior you are eligible to sign up for college credit as follows:

    Italian One – 3 credits from Ocean County College (OCC)

    Italian Two – 3 credits from OCC

    Italian Three – 4 credits from Rutgers University

    Italian Four – 4 credits from Rutgers University


    Homework = il compito

    Your daily “compito” is to study your vocabulary. You will be responsible for current and past vocabulary at all times and will be given unannounced quizzes weekly or biweekly.



    Generally, we will cover one or two chapters a marking period. Each chapter will include new vocabulary, new grammar, a new region of Italy as well as a new cultural aspect.



    ·      Unannounced vocabulary quizzes

    ·      Announced grammar or culture quizzes

    ·      Announced writing quizzes

    ·      Chapter grammar exams

    ·      Listening Comprehension exam

    ·      End of marking period speaking assessments which are unannounced: that is, I will be paying extra attention and taking note as to how well you are speaking what we learned during the last three weeks of each marking period; you will be given an exam grade for this assessment.

    ·      Projects: a presentation and PowerPoint or iFilm



    1 - NO CELL PHONES IN CLASS: Even if you are not using your cell phone, you may not have your cell phone in my classroom. If I see it or hear it, it will be taken away from you and your parent/guardian will have to retrieve it from the front office. You will also receive DETENTION.
    2 - NO laying your head down on the desk or closing your eyes during class. If you are tired you should ask to go to the nurse to rest.  If you do not ask permission to go and you are sleeping in class, you will be sent to the nurse and screened for substance abuse.
    3 - DO be in your seat with your laptop open to MY WEBSITE and your notes open.
    4 - DO bring your ITALIAN ONLY BINDER to class EVERY DAY.
    5 - DO bring a PEN/PENCIL to class every day.
    6 - DO RESPECT your teacher, classmates and classroom.  There are serious consequences for damaging school property and for bullying of any kind.
    Your desk mate will fill out an absentee form for you, will copy his/her notes for you, will collect any handouts for you. These will be left in a PICK UP box once I have approved it. Your desk mate will receive an extra credit point on an exam each time this happens. Your parent/guardian is welcome to pick this material up for you if you are out more than a day or two. They can email me to request that I bring the material to the front office.