• When our students have completed our entire educational program and have had the benefit of the services and activities provided by the school and its community:  What do we expect them to know?  What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?  What qualities or characteristics do we want them to demonstrate?



    Board Approved January 26, 2016

    The graduates of Point Pleasant Beach High School will develop:



    1.           Foundational Knowledge and Skills


    ·      Recognize the importance of being life-long learners and acquire the skills necessary for continuous education

    ·      Develop critical thinking skills and utilize them in making informed decisions

    ·      Develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening

    ·      Exhibit competency in mathematical computations and supporting concepts

    ·      Develop skills and understanding in the principles of scientific inquiry and exploration

    ·      Integrate the knowledge of geography with the historical and current events of our country and the world

    ·      Demonstrate the ability to understand and communicate in a world language



    2.           Technological Knowledge and Skills

    ·      Utilize technology as a means for locating, evaluating, and presenting information

    ·      Utilize technology to foster the development of 21st century skills such as collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking



    3.           Personal Qualities

    ·      Accept responsibility for their own behavior

    ·      Acquire the knowledge to make healthy choices in the areas of nutrition, substance awareness, family life, and fitness         

    ·      Value good citizenship and the principles of democracy

    ·      Accept personal responsibility as stewards of the environment

    ·      Cultivate an appreciation of the visual, performing, and creative arts

    ·      Demonstrate integrity, responsibility, and respect for themselves and others in our multicultural world