• Past Inductees and Past 5 Years Grants
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    and list of grants 2015-2019



    Foundation Grants - 2017


    Double Robot                                               $2,944.78

    ixl.com Math

    Speech Program

    Teacher of the Year                                      $250.00

    Special Education Lou Ward Grants

    Thera Gym Platform Swing                         $375.00

    iPad Case/Bluetooth Headphone              $300.00


    High School

    Project Graduation                                      $3,000.00

3 Elmo Set Ups                                             $6,120.00


    iMac Set Up for Global TV Workplace      $2,000.00

    Tuba                                                              $250.00

    Chinese Calligraphy                                    $250.00

    Teacher of Year                                           $250.00


    Total $22,033.56



    Foundation Grants - 2016


    Antrim - $8892.00

    3D Printer, Steered Straight Program, EV3 Robots, Rockets, ixl.com Math, Epson/Elmo, Teacher of the Year

    High School - $11,550.00

    Project Graduation, World Language/2, Epson/3 Elmo, Epson Projector, Equipment, Teacher of the Year

    TOTAL $20,442.00


    Foundation Grants - 2015

    Antrim - $5775.00

    Steered Straight Program, Art Color Printer, IXL.Com Math, Poetry Books, Turnitin...program w/ HS, Teacher of the Year


    High School - $7320.00

    Project Graduation, Steered Straight w/Speakers,
Turnitin... shared program w/Antrim, Windowfarm w/Supplies, Teacher of the Year

    TOTAL $13,095.00


    Foundation Grants - 2014

    Steered Straight Program, Future Problem Solvers Competition Fee, Elmo - Grade 6 class, Math Music Program Grade K-4, Poetry Books Teacher of the Year, Project Graduation, Best American Essays, Turnitin, Britelink Projector / partial, Set of “I am Malala” / partial, Teacher of the Year



    Foundation Grants - 2013

    Project Graduation, PPBHS Book Club, History Units, Global TV / partial, 6 keyboards ibooks / partial, Document camera ipad / partial.
Teacher of the Year, Projector/Document Camera - Music Dept.,
Book Binding, 2 ipads & accessories / partial, 5 Livescribe pens, Elmo vision bundle, Teacher of the Year



    Foundation Grants - 2012

    Project Graduation, Global TV, Digital Electronic Map Set, 
Ziggi USB Document Cameras, Book Club Books, Stairmaster Climber, Brite Link Interactive Projector, U-Pointer, Education City, Livescribe Pens & Notebooks, ipads for Relative Services, Teacher of the Year

    Approximate Value $14,707


    Foundation Grants - 2011

    Project Graduation, Book Club, Pro Tool Recording Software, 
Conflict Resolution / US CD, Writing Club Publishing & Annual Literacy Magazine, Epson Bright Link Interactive Projector, 
Global News Television, Teacher of the Year

    Approximate Value $16,412


    Foundation Grants - 2010

    Book Club books, Shakespeare project Grades 7-12, 
Fitness Center Equipment, Poetry Writing Books, Math in the Kitchen, Pre-K Classroom Equipment, Projector, Teacher of the Year

    Foundation Grants - 2009

    Poetry Writing Books, Laptop Cart Remote, Digital Camera Card Readers, Science DVD’s & Software, Composting Materials, Shakespeare Live, Global Issues Recording Equipment, Princeton Review,
 Project Graduation, Teachers of the Year

    Approximate Value $17,188


    Foundation Grants - 2008

    Princeton Review, Project Graduation, Blauvelt English Grant, Teachers of the Year

    Approximate Value $25,760


    Foundation Grants - 2007

    Book Club, CD Recording Equipment, Football Sound System, 
Lean Back Chairs, Mad Science, Medical Bag, Airdyne, Portable Projector, Project Graduation, Rocket Program, Rowing Machine, Spotlights, Teacher of the Year, Update 500s Section, Wireless Microphones

    Approximate Value $25,760


    Foundation Grants - 2006

    Wildflower Meadow/Bird Garden, Mad Science Programs, Digital Cameras, Dictionary/Thesaurus, 12 NEO Keyboards, Portable Band Risers,
 Science Equipment, Project Graduation, Rowing Machine, Book Club, Shakespeare Theatre, Ukranian Pysanky Eggs, Classroom Microscopes, Band Saw, School Newspaper, Chess Club, Laptop/Projector System, Digital Photo Program, French Subscriptions, Environmental Club, Electrical Stimulators

    Approximate Value $43,133


    Foundation Grants - 2005

    Sound Field Amplification, Mad Science Programs, Butterfly Workshop, Literacy Materials, Cold Laminator, Algonquin Workshop, Teacher of the Year, Drama Club, Chess League/Club, Rocketry Program, Chest Waders, Digital Editing System, Scrap Booking Club, Plastigraph System, Project graduation, Culture Cuisines, Clay, School Newspaper, Peer Leadership Update

    Approximate Value $29,815


    Foundation Grants - 2004

    Horticultural Greenhouse, Transparencies ITE Maps, 4 Digital Microscopes, Disposable Digital Cameras/Processing, Mad Science Programs, Roll Down Maps, Teacher of the Year, TI-83 Calculators, Class Set/Roll Down Maps, PPBHS Book Club, Periodical Storage Units, 5 TI-86 Calculators, 6 Bio- Bundle Probes, Artists in School/Writing, French Geography Units, Project Graduation, “COPS” Program

    Approximate Value $30,146


    2003                             2002                             2001

Value $55,720              Value $31,250              Value $35,000


    2000                             1999                             1998

Value $21,258              Value $17,060              Value $14,000


    1997                             1996                             1995

Value $12,500              Value $5,000                Value $5,000



Value $5,000