6-8 General Music

    Students in grades 6-8 follow a marking period schedule for specials.  Each class meets daily for one marking period.

    - Music of World Cultures (Mexico, Africa/South Africa, China, India)
    - Music & History of Broadway
       - View "West Side Story"
    - Classical Guitar
       -includes learning how to play, practice, perform alone, and in a group (culminating concert for parents and studnets at the end of the semseter).
    7th Grade
    - History and Styles of Western Classical Music (Medieval to 20th Century)
       - includes the film "Amadeus"
       - includes a Classical Composers Project
          -composer chosen in class, link to project is below
    8th Grade
    - History and Styles of American Music (Jazz and Rock n' Roll)
       - includes one major project (Jazz Grammy's) and other smaller project assignments
    - Improvisation study
       - includes instruction on the Bb blues scale and in-class performance opportunities

    The contract signed at the beginning of class for your child's first HW grade can be found below!

    Class Contract

    7th Grade Composers Project

    8th Grade Jazz Grammy's Project

    3 musicians