• Care of MacBook


    General Handling and Care for Parents and Students to know:

    • Mishandling of your MacBook could result in your losing it!
    • The MacBook is fun to use, but it is not a toy! Remember that it is a computer and must be handled with care.
    • The MacBooks belong to the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Education. They are on loan to you to use as a tool for learning.
    • Protect the computer from the weather.
    • Protect it from heat or cold.
    • Do not eat or drink near where you are using the computer.
    • Close the computer carefully – from the center of the screen – do not slam it shut!
    • Use the MacBook on a flat stable surface …….. if it falls it may break! Do not use the laptop on your lap. The laptop should be on a flat smooth surface in order to maintain air flow around the bottom case. Placing the laptop on a pillow or on your bed will cause the MacBook to overheat.
    • Do not insert things into openings (ports) of the MacBook.
    • Be patient. Sometimes computers require time to do their job.
    • When you take the MacBook home for assignments, be sure it is recharged for the next school day. The MacBook should be in a ventilated space while charging.
    • For your own health, when using the computer, it should be kept at least 18 inches from your eyes and the screen should be at a lower level than your eyes.
    • You MAY NOT mark the computer in any way with markers, stickers etc.


    • Wipe the surfaces lightly with a clean soft cloth.
    • Do not use water or other cleaning solutions on the MacBook.
    • To keep the screen clean, do not touch it with your fingers.


    • When charging cable needs to be connected, be sure to line it up correctly when inserting and removing.
    • If the battery is not charging, do not wiggle the power cord. Try removing the cord and fully reinserting it.
    • Be careful not to jerk the MacBook around when cables are attached.
    • The MacBook should be in a ventilated space while charging.